The ACTIVE - Team

Together, we offer 100++ years of experience with international moving and shipping.


Our focus: Move Management and Worldwide Relocation


Sit back, relax and make yourself at home in our world!

Your ACTIVE team introduces itself:

Sophie Heinemann

Sophie Heinemann * 05.Mar.1977

"Moving overseas is not just like shipping merchandise from start to finish.
Pack/load dates are being postponed. Volume changes.
I’m here for you - together we will save the day!"

Claudia Junge

Claudia Junge * 03.Mar.1981
Tel: +49-4202-50445-18

"First steps are made for an international move. Now be sure to get the full picture!
As a mother of two children, I certainly know what ’multitasking’ is about.
If you feel overwhelmed, let me know and I’ll be happy to take things off your list!"

Christian Bott

Christian Bott 

During the past 3+ years, Christian enjoyed working with our team and gained experience in International Move Management. This summer he took another new challenge in imports of commercial goods.


We wish him all the best and success in his future career and will stay in good contact.


Jochen Weinberg

Jochen Weinberg * 12.Feb.1970

"These days, more and more people leave their home countries and move overseas.
Despite good advice, some think penny-wise and then meet with their waterloo!
Let me show you that spending in quality will pay off in the long run!"