The ACTIVE - Team

Together, we offer 100++ years of experience with international moving and shipping.


Our focus: Move Management and Worldwide Relocation


Sit back, relax and make yourself at home in our world!

Your ACTIVE team introduces itself:

Sophie Heinemann

Sophie Heinemann * 05.Mar.1977

"Moving overseas is not just like shipping merchandise from start to finish.
Pack/load dates are being postponed. Volume changes.
I’m here for you - together we will save the day!"

Claudia Junge

Claudia Junge * 03.Mar.1981
Tel: +49-4202-50445-18

"First steps are made for an international move. Now be sure to get the full picture!
As a mother of two children, I certainly know what ’multitasking’ is about.
If you feel overwhelmed, let me know and I’ll be happy to take things off your list!"

Christian Bott

Christian Bott 

During the past 3+ years, Christian enjoyed working with our team and gained experience in International Move Management. As of August 1st, 2020, he will take a new challenge in exports of commercial goods.


We wish him all the best and success in his future career and will stay in good contact.


Jochen Weinberg

Jochen Weinberg * 12.Feb.1970

"These days, more and more people leave their home countries and move overseas.
Despite good advice, some think penny-wise and then meet with their waterloo!
Let me show you that spending in quality will pay off in the long run!"